We strive to provide sound training for proactive patrol officers and thorough investigation techniques.


LEO DEN is working hard to provide training that focuses on things that matter for the policing community.  Fitness, preparedness, K9 handling, and proactive policing just to name a few topics.  Our goal is to enable officers from all agencies serve a happy healthy career and find fulfilment with what they choose to do in life.

The founder of LEO DEN, Dakota, holds an Advanced Law Enforcement Officer status and is a certified instructor with the Council for Law Enforcement Education and Training (CLEET). Dakota has developed and instructed CLEET certified classes related to complex case investigations, scouting, recognizance, defensive tactics, SWAT operations, updated drug trends and dangers of opiate exposure to name a few.

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LEO DEN (LAW ENFORCEMENT OFFICER DEVELOPMENT, EDUCATION, and NETWORKING) is a group focused on the encouragement of proactive policing